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Have you thought about writing?

Recently I found myself wondering when my love of writing and literature began. The first image to materialize was of my 8th grade English teacher. I am standing in front of a sunlit window at Longfellow Junior High, receiving praise and encouragement from her. What she was praising me for, I can’t recall. We were learning the poem, Song of Hiawatha, written in 1865 by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Each of us was required to create a diorama and to write a report. I had received my usual A grade but something was special. I strain to remember, but it doesn’t come.

After memorizing the lengthy poem, I had dressed one of my Madame Alexander dolls as the Indian guide, Hiawatha, for my display (with the help of my talented seamstress mother). Something about the flow of that poetry mesmerized me. It rolled off my tongue. It had a drum beat of its own. It spoke to me.

Sometime later – days –possibly years – as I sat in my bedroom reading every book in the library that summer, I was hooked. I would head out of Enid, OK as soon as possible and go to New York. Did I say as an author? I can’t recall, but maybe it crossed my mind. I was a journalism reporter for two years for the high school newspaper and moved to Yearbook as a junior. And I kept a journal daily during my teenage years. I loved to read more than anything in the world, literally walking six miles or more to the public library each week to check out another half dozen books. And yes, that one summer, I had a ridiculous goal of reading every book in that red brick building.

My college major was English Lit. I devoured Shakespeare, Melvin, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway; then taught English for a couple of years before becoming a high school counselor. My writing consisted of journaling and writing poems when I needed to release the bottled up teenage angst I was living.  But mostly, I read.

It took 67 years before I began a Creative Writing certification program and launched a career in writing. A few awards and three short stories published in anthologies sparked my desire for more. Four novels later, here I sit. The last book published last summer and I took six months off. I’m still figuring out what I want to do next. Short stories maybe. Articles. A blog. It will find me soon. It always does – that desire to put pen to paper and write someone else’s story.

What event sparked your writing journey? Do you recall? If you haven’t begun, do you have the desire to tell your story or those of other? It’s never too late.


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Where Have I Been?

I guess that question is for any readers to ask. I have a couple of answers. My two months in MN this summer were fantastic. All of August and September out of the AZ heat was a dream. Love the city of Rochester, my friends there, the senior center, the theater, the library, the big town/small city atmosphere. It’s just wonderful each year.

During that time, I contracted bronchitis. Having never had this, I assumed I’d be treated and well in a week. Now – almost six weeks later – I’m still struggling with coughing and wheezing. It’s improving gradually, but I had no idea!

Also during the past two months, I’ve had a family situation that has required a great deal of attention. It’s been an emotional roller coaster that I’m still riding, but with lots of love and care, it will get resolved.

So– that’s why I haven’t posted in so long.

Meanwhile — good news!  The paperback version of A Far Away Star is now for sale on Amazon. The digital version went live back in August and is selling well. I hope you’ll read the excerpt supplied on Amazon and continue what I believe is a “good read.”

Thanks to all friends and readers and family for your continued support! See you soon.

Friends of 50 years

It’s rare these days to have friends you met back in your 20’s, but I’m fortunate enough to have that good luck. We’ve worked hard on maintaining these friendships. Each year we plan a trip for the 4 of us. This year, we’re missing one, but I’m in MN for two months and have been having a ball with two of my favorite people. We’ve taken day trips, eaten at every restaurant in town, celebrated the end of radiation for one of us, gone to movies, wineries, theater productions and art festivals. Below is a collage of some memories from the trip, so far. Lots more to come. Hope your summer has been as great as mine!