Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean a whole lot any more. I don’t recall when it did, actually. But before I sound bah hum bug, let me say that it’s a great day to remember everyone we love. As usual I baked heart-shaped cookies last weekend for my “children”, ages 41 and 46. But they still enjoy a good sugar cookie with gobs of butter cream frosting.

As usual, my daughter surprised me yesterday. I discovered a box on the front porch when I got home and opened it to find a very cute country style metal tub which goes great with my décor. The directions said to remove the moss, place in a sink or bowl of water for 30 min. and find a sunny place. The little bulbs are already peeking out of the soil and I can’t wait to see what they are. It just says bulbs. Will they be pink? Or yellow? Or white? Will they be tulips? I’ll find out in a week or two. Luckily, I have one sunny spot in my entire house – the window above the kitchen counter. Thank goodness.

My son phoned just to say hi and I love you which is always special. And I’m having lunch with friends. So, not a romantic day at all. But I got a valentine card from my sister so it’s a special day.

What did you do on this year’s special day? I hope you enjoyed some sunshine, listened to your favorite music, or bought yourself or some else a bouquet. Valentine’s Day is not about romance as much as love. And for all the love I have surrounding me, I am thankful.

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