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  1. Kathleen Hoff

    Greetings Connie, We have a friend in common– Dana Saar. I believe Dana has mentioned our Book Club to you. We are a group of 9 women who meet once a month in Fountain Hills. I have offered to hold our March gathering and we have chosen to read your book, “The House on 4th Street”. We have left the exact date open as we would love to have you join us, if at all possible. My email information is below but here also is my phone number:
    Kathleen Hoff
    Thank you in advance for your consideration Connie.


    1. cwesala Post author

      How embarrassing. I mis-read your email. So my last email to you will make no sense. I’m sorry about that.
      As I said in that email, I am honored and look forward to meeting with your group. (I sure hope Dana didn’t twist your arm to read my novel.) But I do hope you enjoy it. Please give me honest remarks in case it’s something that can be improved.
      What night of the week do you usually meet? Or is it a daytime group? I’m pretty flexible the first two weeks that month. I’m out of town on the 12th, and out of the state the 23-31st.


  2. annleemiller

    Hi Connie,

    I discovered that you head the writers’ group at the Perry Library. I am hosting a creative writing workshop at nearby Power Ranch beginning May 11, 2016 and would love to get the word out to your group.

    Power Ranch just added a gorgeous addition to the community center that has glass on two sides, surrounded by water and greenery—the perfect place to get inspired!

    My BA is in creative writing and I’m working toward an MFA (the equivalent of a Ph.D.) in creative writing. I’ll facilitate writing exercises, discussion, and give input on the craft of writing.

    We’ll meet in the Ranch House Flex Space, 4444 E. Haven Crest Dr., Gilbert 85297 on May 11, 18, 25, and June 8, 15, 22 from 7-9 p.m. Cost is $60.

    May I send you electronic or paper flyers to pass on to your writers?

    Thanks so much!


    More info:


    1. cwesala Post author

      How embarrassed I am at finding this in my mailbox this morning! I am so sorry. I seldom use the messaging feature of this website (shame on me). I am no longer leading the library group, so for future notifications try to reach Leslie Marshall, the library in charge of the program. Once again, I apologize. I want to know more about your classes and check your website today. Connie



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