I am a retired educator who couldn’t quite retire. I tried several times before settling into a third career. When I turned in my final notice, I did what I’ve always done–went back to school!

I looked at options and found the Creative Writing Certification program through Maricopa County Community Colleges. Most of my course work was at Chandler-Gilbert with a few classes at Mesa CC. My professors became mentors and friends and they have encouraged my pursuit of writing for the past four years.

I have a B.A. from University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond in English/ Education/Psychology. My master’s degree in Counseling Psychology is from University of Minnesota, Winona, and my Educational Leadership – Secondary Administration certificate from Northern Arizona University. Four years ago, I received a certificate in Creative Writing from Chandler-Gilbert CC.

My career was primarily as a high school counselor in Scottsdale, AZ, though I spent my last few years as an assistant principal in Paradise Valley and E.V.I.T. in Mesa. I loved working with kids and parents so I have returned as a volunteer in elementary classrooms in Chandler.

I was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma though my life has been full of moves: Lawton, OK, Rochester, MN, Scottsdale, AZ and now Gilbert. I have two wonderful adult children with whom I travel and spend a great deal of time. They are my best friends and my greatest supporters.

I never expected to publish but after winning a few awards in both fiction and nonfiction and being published in a few anthologies, I decided to take my craft seriously. My first book, The House on 4th Street became a novel in stories. Each historical story was initially written as a short story, but over time and with years of research, it morphed into one complete piece. It is selling well. The next December I published a romance novel, “Timing’s Everything,” and this past February, We’ll Find a Way was published – a sequel to “The House …” but also a stand-alone novel on its own.

On a personal note: I love movies, reading, TV sitcoms, traveling, board games, and spending time with friends and family. Love taking classes to learn just about anything. Spend my summers in northern Arizona (England and France when possible). I live with my cat, Hermione – yes, I’m a Harry Potter fan. In fact I’m an Anglophile and love anything British. I miss Dowton Abbey so much. My great wish is to live in Oxford or Paris before I die.

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