What Makes a Great Country

I’m positive there isn’t one person out there who doesn’t know who they are voting for. Not one day before the election. However, just in case there is one. Just in case someone might read my blog today, I want to ask that person to answer one question before making that decision.

What makes a country great? Is it economic success? Is it all about money – mine, yours, ours. Or, as the Grinch said, Perhaps, perhaps, Christmas means a little bit more. Perhaps democracy, success, greatness mean a little bit more than finances.

What do you feel makes a great country? See if you have a few answers (as I have). Then think about whether we are there yet.

I’m sure, by now, you’ve figured out my answers. Yes, I’m an educator, therapist, volunteer so my answers lean toward social equality, acceptance and love of others, education and health care. Maybe your answers are different, and that’s okay.

Just make certain before you turn in your ballot you give it some thought.

Because according to my friends in Europe and the U.K. and I believe this is world wide– we are no longer the greatest country in any respect except for out military capabilities. And, that my friends, is something we need to think long and hard about.

p.s. – don’t bother responding or ripping me apart. Life is too short. Vote your conscience, but vote!


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