What year did I graduate??@*!@

Seriously.?? I’m headed to Oklahoma tomorrow for my 55th class reunion. Last night as I thumbed through my year book, names popped into my mind. People I hadn’t thought of in years – at least since the 35th reunion – the last I attended.

I checked Face Book and found a few of us oldies on board with technology, but not many. A few I wouldn’t have recognized and others look just as they did in 1963. Amazing. I’m sort of hoping I’m in that last group… ha

As I checked out my pictures in the year book last evening, I was sort of surprised at my choice of clubs and activities. I love music, books and writing as well as helping others. I retired after years in education as a high school teacher, counselor and administrator. Then got a Creative Writing certificate and began writing short story and novels.

Sure enough…there I was in Future Teachers of America, Mixed and Girls Chorus, Bravettes Cheer squad, and Journalism Club as an elementary school reporter. Huh …

I tend to think that my life just sort of happened with little input on my part. It seemed pure coincidence and not based on “goals”, “plans” or “ambitions.” I don’t recall saying gee, I’d like to be a high school principal – never. I don’t recall setting a goal of singing in a church choir, or traveling abroad, or anything else that has occurred the past 30 years. And yet, looking back at my teen-age self, I see that there were unspoken, unacknowledged, subconscious goals all along. It may have just played out without much thought, but obviously my interests and life goals were set all those years ago.

Someone recently said – go back to your young self and you will find your most authentic self. You will find the “real” you. There is a lot of truth to that as I am discovering. So looking forward to reuniting with some great people this weekend!

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