Whew! After 9 days of struggles, my website is back up and running. For the 4th year in a row, Google let my domain name go inactive — this after checking 3 weeks before the renewal date to make certain it was on auto-renew. this after checking 3 weeks prior that all contact and credit card information were correct. this after being certain it had renewed only to find the site was shut down and the domain name inactive!

Try contacting anyone at Google and see if you get a response. Not happening! So I decided to switch my domain name to Go Daddy and am happy I did. You phone – someone answers – novel idea, right?

You phone needing help, they help you – right there, right then, on the phone – nicest and most patient young people I’ve ever dealt with.

So thanks, Go Daddy!  Loving you so far. It took awhile for my domain to be released but as of this afternoon, I am now officially online. Plus I paid for 3 years and don’t have to go through this stress every single May.


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