Those pesky dang email dumps

Somehow – and it appears it was through my blog site – I got spammed. Anywhere from 400-600 emails per day for three days last week. Russian, German, Asian, etc. For now, it appears that changing my password each day has mostly solved the problem. Of course, I haven’t blogged this week, so I guess we’ll see.

It’s such an invasion of privacy and made me angry – furious actually – to be the victim and feel totally powerless. I’m a control freak anyway, so this did not help my mood. It makes me want to shut down my smart phone, my Alexa device, my computer, and my tablet and retreat into the old world with phones attached to the wall and pen and paper and stamps. I know that isn’t feasible. If I slow down, I’ll be lost within months. That’s how fast technology is changing. I remind my “older” friends about that weekly. You can’t just say no and not continue to learn – not if you want to live in this crazy world. I did, however, unplug Alexa as she was listening to every word I said. (and I also believe my PC is listening as well). That isn’t paranoia. That’s based on my saying something and having my google feature search for what I just mentioned. Scary!

Reunion — was really great. I worried I wouldn’t recognize people but when I walked to the registration table, two women who looked exactly as they did in high school (minus the big hair) stood there and greeted me immediately. I’d have known them anywhere and I swear there wasn’t a wrinkle on their faces. How can that be? We took photos with our elementary friends and another with junior high members. We shared a few stories but mostly talked about our current lives. I found a fellow author, the guy I first kissed while playing spin the bottle, and an old friend of 68 years. We may not stay in touch, though everyone says, “let’s…” But it was validating to see how well our generation has aged. Youthful – vibrant – intelligent – outgoing – kind people from a small town in Oklahoma. Maybe that was the key factor!


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