Down Sizing? Not Yet

Many of my friends are currently down-sizing — minimizing — throwing out —getting rid of — giving away. They are into less is more, a few simple objects, a minimalist décor. I have one friend who says he keeps just enough to slip out of town on an hour’s notice. He has a truck; no u haul required. Yes, male.
This move I promised to get rid of “stuff”, and I did take four good-sized boxes to Good Will, my china to my daughter’s china hutch and filled the trash bin many times.
Then the moving van delivered my stuff to the new house, and I began to dust off my furniture in preparation for my belongings. I wanted a few family photos; I wanted memories – my little Eiffel Tower from last year’s trip to Paris, my marble egg from Florence, the box my friend brought me from Bali, the tea tin my son gave me from the U.K. Antiques from various cities in the U.S., the photo of my dad and nephew in Daniel’s Austin Healey – dad in his jaunty driver’s cap and a big grin.
The boxes of baby pictures, rattles, blankets, and graduation tassels will remain unboxed this time, but they will find a “closet home” until I die. Which the kids say will be in THIS house as they aren’t moving me again!
Once my entertainment center was full of CDs’, DVDs’, books, memorabilia and pictures, I was “home.” The rest doesn’t matter – I’ll find a place for the contents of the other eighty-seven (yes, 87) boxes later.
 I guess I’m just not ready to down-size. Sorry, guys….

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