To blog or not to blog — that is the question…

I began this blog two years ago when I began a new journey into my third life: retirement, empty nest, aging, and starting what I hoped to be a new career as a writer.

I was flooded with excitement, creativity, and ideas. I was writing daily, taking classes, and loving the journey.
This morning I realized I hadn’t posted in over two weeks which leads me to all sorts of questions with few answers.
Granted I just spent four months selling my home and moving – a time-consuming, frustrating, and at times overwhelming experience. Not to mention the fatigue, aching muscles, and brain-dead monotony of it all.
There were the holidays of course; but mostly there was: The Novel.
That damnable creation that grew into this monstrous commitment, begging for completion. And suddenly what creativity occasionally reared its head had to be popped down like one of those mole in the hole games.
So for the next few months, as this manuscript grows inch by inch, I will post old pieces from the past two years and occasionally an excerpt from the book that is being birthed.
Here I go into yet another phase of the journey called life. What comes next? If only I knew. But I am now a writer whose time and energy can be focused on a narrow path to that future. Will this novel ever be published? Make money? Fame? Who knows? They may just be pages in a box that some one finds down the road.
But somehow its completion is a necessary step in my process.

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