God’s Wake Up Call

This was written just after the Sandy Hook massacre, three years before the recent event in San Bernardino, CA. NPR reports that there have been 355 massacres this year in the U.S. (massacres defined as 4 or more people.) 462 people killed. 1314 injured.

 And yet we continue to watch it play out on t.v. Some will say that the press plays a part. Deranged people looking for publicity to acknowledge their senseless acts. Perhaps. Some say gun control. There are statistics that refute that.

We have thousands of brilliant researchers who could perhaps lead us to a solution in this country. But is anyone listening? Are the politicians listening? They call for more guns in the hands of citizens. They call for mental health care and provide no money to achieve it. They say watch your neighbors and people on the street, but we so often hide inside our walled yards, never look up from our cell phone screens, never walk down the street to meet a new neighbor.

There has to be a solution to senseless violence in a civilized country. And yet, the blog below was written in 2012 and it is 2015 and we have lost 462 lives. I’m feeling very discouraged that we simply don’t really care — deep down where it counts — maybe we don’t care. The first line of this 2012 blog asks a question. The answer it seems is a resounding “no.”

Did it take the deaths – the murders – of twenty innocent children for God to get our attention? Has He finally forced America to look at itself? Things have gone terribly wrong:

When entrepreneurship becomes greed.
When freedom becomes a free-for-all.
When personal gain becomes more important than the good of the whole.
When the fact that health care, physical and mental, is being withheld from 65% of a country’s population becomes less important than political infighting.
When our leaders no longer lead.
When respect and kindness and caring no longer exist.
What then?
If we all, as a country, sit and grieve and become filled with anger at this senseless act, imagine how God must feel right now.
Our God is not a wrathful God, but I imagine that he is in a rage at our human frailties, and our lack of concern for each other in small ways and in large.
It is time Americalooks at its soul instead of its pocket books.
It’s time to look at the laws of the country – not only weapon control but accessible and mandatory mental health care.
It’s time we all grow up and stop using drugs and sex and violence to avoid our personal feelings and responsibilities.
It’s time we fall to our knees.

(google images – tears of God)

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