Fall is Like Heaven in Arizona

While my friends are turning on heat, watching the first snow, and bundling up in coats and scarves, I am basking in 70 degree temps in the valley of the sun. Only desert dwellers can appreciate what 70 degrees feels like after 5 months of what we call triple digit heat. (100-115 degrees F.)

The doors and windows are open. I can sit outside and read or have coffee or tend my vegetable garden. It is like heaven. People are climbing out of their houses for the first time in months, and it’s interesting to realize people actually live on my street.

Usually November 1st is our turn-around date. We drop from 90-70 overnight. This year, we’ve had California weather for the month of October with tons of rain and 59 degrees early morning. All I can say is “I guess I survived another summer in the Southwest.”

My book critiques came back from my beta readers, and it appears there is lots of work needed on this latest manuscript. Like most authors, I have tucked all their notes in a box along with the book and will revisit it when I feel I can face it. Revising is often a daunting task.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Tempe Book Fair November 3rd from 10-3 and will have my books available at the Mesa Book Fair on December 8th from 2-7 p.m. If you’re in the area, please stop by.

Sales are up considerably this month. Most of my author friends noticed a drought over the summer just as I did. And Amazon ads seem to be working as well. If you are an author, I can say for certain that the ads are selling my books right now. I didn’t believe it till I tried it. Last month I upped my “bids” for my sponsored ads and am showing up on numerous book sites (paid ads). It seems to be working.

Halloween is coming up quickly for those of you who love the holiday! Have a wonderful fall week!

I’m off to my lovely patio to begin Barbara Shapiro’s newest book which I just picked up this morning. The Collector’s Apprentice. She had me at the first paragraph when the main character appears in Paris. Love it.

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