New Cover

So excited to try a new cover for my sequel, We’ll Find a Way. I loved the old one. I picked out the photo which my son had taken in Oxford, UK and wanted the colors to match The House on 4th Street. But sales have been lagging, and I decided to give it a new dress.

I like the subtle, softer tones and the couple. So what if it doesn’t match with my first novel, right? It’s so hard in writing and publishing. Some people say brand yourself by having an almost identical cover in terms of color, style, font, etc. for every book. Others say choose something that shows well – it doesn’t matter if it even relates to the content.

Reminds me of all the writing courses and retreats I’ve attended. Different sources – different advice.

I guess that’s sort of like “life” in general, right?

Here’s the new look:WFAW_cover_Final_03




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