how do you say good-bye?

So tiny you fit on a shelf

When I first brought you home.

Those big black eyes looked up at me

And you could do no wrong.

We’ve lived through a lot together

Three houses and three jobs,

An off and on relationship,

A move to the country.

You licked tears from my eyes and cheeks.

You snuggled close at night.

You came running when I entered

No matter where I’d been.

You loved water from the faucet

And chased your laser light.

You put up with bows round your neck

And friends who hated cats.

I cursed you at midnight.

I held you when you hurt.

I ignored you too often

And forgot to brush you.

I’ll miss your bowls and litter box,

And your green mouse pointer,

Your toys scattered around the house

Cushions covered in towels.

But mostly I’ll miss your friendship

And your unconditional love.

To Hermione, named after a Harry Potter character, who found me at the exact right moment and left us way too soon.







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