Let me know what “somethings” you are doing to survive August in your neck of the woods.


Each August as the heat continues and humidity increases and it’s been so many months since it was cool that I honestly can’t remember sitting outdoors at all … yes, that month! … We Arizonans know we still have September and October to struggle through before the temperatures plummet into winter.

It’s a month I try to avoid by racing to northern Arizona or boarding a flight to Europe if it’s in the budget. This year I “chose” to stay here and take a few short out–of- state visits to see friends and family and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. And still — the short time between trips is taking its toll.

So much so that last night I watched a British house hunting show as couples chose between three lovely country houses (well, some not so lovely) in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire and Somerset. The past two months I’ve been addicted to The Great British Bake Off on Netflix. (which by the way, if you enjoy baking at all is a must-see) I’m practicing my British accent and buying black clothing as if I don’t stick out like an American anyway. I even bought a red rain coat the other day. I believe that the U.K. is calling me again.

Perhaps next year I can participate in the British baking show or meet the house hunters to look at country homes or have tea with the queen. I love fantasy. Don’t you? I suppose that’s why I read three books at a time and then sit down to write one.

Enjoy your week wherever you are. I remind myself that we are taught to “bloom where you are planted.” This day is the day God has given (or something like that). Or as my mother used to say, “Stop whining and go do something.”

Write me a note about what you’re doing to survive summer in your neck of the woods.

p.s. the red raincoat was too small. Please write me if you see another in a Med Petite.

link to British Bake Off below:

http://www.bbc.co.uk › Factual › Food & Drink


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