Happy Day After Easter

Here in Phoenix, we look forward to Easter and we dread the week after. Typically this is when we begin to see high 90 degree temps, and they are saying we’ll be pushing 100 tomorrow but I’m going to pretend they didn’t say that.

I hope you spent the holiday with family and friends and enjoyed a beautiful celebration. We treated ourselves, for the first time in 15 years or more, to a lovely outdoor brunch at a 1900’s historic resort in downtown Chandler, AZ. Weather was a perfect 70 degrees with a typical cloudless blue sky that some days looks like a movie back set. Couldn’t have asked for more in the way of weather or food. Mimosas and great food facing mounds of flowers and flowering vines and the pool in the distance.

I’ll post a picture of our finished project when it’s complete, but my daughter spent the afternoon on her hands and knees on my tile floor painting flowers on canvas drop cloths to make outdoor patio drapes for me. Now that’s love —. They’re going to be so gorgeous and the colors all blend with my patio furniture and pillows. I love them – terra cotta, brick red, gold and light blue designs. This is such a fun project if you’re needing patio drapes! I say “we” and “us” but mostly I stood and gave praise. Ha

My son baked for the first time in his life and with a little coaching, he figured out how to mix ingredients and get a real product out of the oven.

Would love to hear from you about your weekend events. I do miss Easter egg hunts and kite flying, but the neighborhood kids gave out lots of squeals and yelling from the nearby park.

So – no more holidays for a while and my next story (perhaps not a book) is calling me…

Have a blessed week!


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