Am I Nuts?

Deciding to write another novel is very much like deciding to get pregnant for a fourth time. It sounds like a good idea until you realize you’re going to spend nine months with this thing as it morphs into a real book. And that’s just the first draft! The edits can take even longer.

I sat at Starbucks on Friday and began. That’s my process – just start writing a scene and see if it “takes.” I’m in Paris. I think it’s going to be first person point of view. Why am I there? Don’t know yet. I’ve just met a couple in the famous Pere’ Lachaise Cimetiere and we’re looking for the tomb of Moliere within the 110 acre cemetery. Are they going to become part of this story? Probably. Perhaps. What tension filled things are getting ready to happen to me? I almost dread knowing, but it’s necessary of course if you’re going to have a plot.

It crossed my mind this could be a sequel to Timing’s Everything since so many readers hated the decision my protagonist made at the end of that book! Perhaps we are going to find her in Paris this time, instead of Oxford. But I’m really not sure I want to go down that road …

Any ideas or thoughts are welcome at this point. I’m with my big art book mapping out some possible scenes as we speak and will get back to the “writing” later today.

“Do I really want to go through this again?” I ask myself. Seriously? Am I insane?

Because the research and the edits and the marketing are hanging in the future like evil spirits!

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