What a month!

What a month this has been in every way. I promised myself not to be political, but it’s been difficult. So I’ve simply turned off television news. I was afraid I’d have a stroke if I continued watching. ha

Edits and revisions. Wow! I spent 8 – 10 hrs. /day for 3 weeks completing all of the final edits. The cover is done! Looks great, and once again I used one of my son’s photographs as the basis. It is uploaded to the publisher, Create Space, and I’m awaiting the proof before going “live”. But soon – probably in another week, it will be available as an e book and paperback. I hope you enjoy it. (obviously missed that Jan. 15 deadline.)

Cold cold weather in Arizona. For the first time in many years, we have actually had winter. I know I will get no sympathy from anyone living in colder climates. The positive – such fun to wear sweaters and jackets more than once a year!

Women’s March on Washington. Whether you agree with the premise or not, it was a great experience. I’m so danged old I’ve lived through the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, Women’s Movement and Gay Rights. This was my first real demonstration/march. It was so uplifting and not negative in any way. Felt great to be in such a well mannered, thoughtful group of people and I feel that I helped make my voice heard. Goal for the year – do not let that be the end of my efforts. No matter which party you affiliate with, we all need to be more involved at the community level.

Researched how to make time slow down. There really is such research! Focusing intently on anything slows the perception of time. As we did as children, notice every single detail of each and every moment of the day and we can stretch time once again. And – equally important, learn something new, do something a different way, take a class or take up a new hobby. Anything that requires learning makes the brain work in a different manner and actually changes time perception.

So we head into February. My Valentine crafts are out, candy hearts in the candy jar, and a spring wreath on the door. Getting ready for some sunshine, warm weather, golf tournaments, Arabian horse show, possibly a visit to a beach. What are you up to this month? Drop me a line and let me know. Happy Valentine’s Day a little early!

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