What do you mean it’s January?

I looked at the calendar this morning between book revisions and realized I’d lost another week. I’m sure it happens to everyone, but it seems to be happening way too often to me.

I passed the holiday torch this year. I guess at my age, that’s a good thing to do. My daughter decorated her house, inside and out, and prepared a fabulous meal.

I never put up a tree. I minimally decorated the front yard under neighborhood peer pressure. I couldn’t be the only house on the entire block without some lights. The fact that it took me 30 minutes to take it all down, wipe it off, box it and shelve it tells you how much I had out. I pulled candles off the highest shelves in the laundry room, put out some of my favorite dishware and put a wreath on the front door. Got out some old Christmas CD’s, sent a half dozen cards and called it good.

The most fun was baking and decorating cookies for a full day in my kitchen with my adult children. My son thought this project took about an hour. Ha, my daughter and I scoffed. At six that evening, we went out to eat; all of us covered in flour with stained fingers from the food dye. It was a wonderful day!

Next year — a trip somewhere. I truly am becoming a scrooge. I blame it on age.

For those of you following this sequel novel, please note that I am chained all day to my computer. Right now the entire book is divided by chapters, sitting on my library room floor. I’ve moved and added, cut and trimmed, changed wording, corrected punctuation errors, and read aloud for hours. Add more emotion! Where’s the drama? Start on Chapter 2. All remarks from my task master editor, whom I adore. So close — each day I say it — so close. I still have high hopes for the Jan. 15 deadline (self-imposed) and am harping at my artist son to complete the book cover while writing author friends begging for endorsements. The usual final push.

I lowered the price on The House on 4th Street hoping for readers who will want this sequel – We’ll Find a Way. This one is a doozy. Action packed, drama filled, surprises throughout, and a shocking ending. Hoping those words intrigue you…

Happy New Year! Health and happiness to you all!


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