Book Clubs

I was notified yesterday that another book club in Oklahoma is reading my first novel. It always pleases me to know that it’s still alive and well after two years. When I first published, I wasn’t sure it would sell more than a handful of copies. After all, I do have a handful of friends and family! ha  To know that it continues to attract readers is a great feeling. And it also gives me hope that the sequel will have readers as well.

Next month I’m attending a book club in Tucson, AZ and am looking forward to meeting another group of women to discuss and sign copies. If you know of a book club in your area, perhaps you could recommend they take a look at The House on 4th Street. It is a good book for discussion as it contains a present day protagonist as well as five historic stories providing a variety of characters and plots.

This weekend I am hosting three women I’ve known for 40 years. We get together occasionally although it’s been awhile this time around. We met playing bridge back in Minnesota and became close friends as we raised our toddlers and had more babies along the way. It’s amazing to me that when they step off the plane, it will seem like yesterday. It happens each time we meet; as if the years just slip away and we’re in our early 30’s again. Can’t wait to see them and spend a long weekend catching up. I’ll post a few pics if anyone will allow me to take photos. ha  I’m certain we look the same; we always do.

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