For Shame!

I looked at the calendar today and nearly fainted. I have a dozen excuses for not posting to my blog but none are very impressive! ha

I spent two months in northern Arizona and completed my manuscript revisions for an unnamed novel – a sequel to The House on 4th Street. My muse found me in the cool pines and for that I am thankful. It is currently being reviewed by seven beta readers and will go to my editor end of September. I’m assuming some major edits after she reads it but she’s great. Hopefully the book will be published before end of year. At least, that’s the goal.

Like many of us, I tend to procrastinate and came home in September to a list a mile long of projects and plans that I’d put aside for a few months. They are fun projects at least, but they are eating up time like crazy.

A Question For You Fiction Readers!!

How do you choose to buy a book?



Inside Cover Book Description?


Do you ever remember the title once you get into the book? Does it have to completely relate to the characters and plot, and if so, how important is that?

OK — off to you readers…

I’ll try to be more up to date with posts this fall. Enjoy leaves if they begin falling in your neck of the woods. Enjoy crisp days picking apples and pumpkins. Bake something wonderful. All the things I miss so much living in the desert …

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