No Politics — Just Facts

I try not to post about politics because everyone has different opinions and views. That’s what makes America and democracy great! If we all thought alike we would be a very narrow and probably unproductive country. If we wanted to force people to think alike, we’d choose a dictator.

What is happening today in our country is significant because it is based on emotions and little factual information.

Because we have no term limits, politicians get elected and stay until they die. They meet behind closed doors and are owned by big business and lobbyists. People here are looking for a revolution of some kind, and Mr. Trump has been chosen as their leader because he has never held an elected office.

But emotions rarely reap good results. According to the New York Times, Trump filed bankruptcy on every property he ever owned. He was a megalomaniac who wanted to own every building in New York City and who didn’t consider that he couldn’t afford it. All of the hotels and casinos that went under meant the loss of jobs. He stood the other night in his multi-million dollar mansion in Florida where he had a team of decorators design an exact copy of the white house press room—identical chairs, flags, and all. His megalomania is rampant.

Forget that he has been linked to fraud, unpaid taxes, and the KKK (the most hated group in America). Forget all of his other flaws. He has no business bringing his megalomania into the White House. What happens when he decides to simply run over other countries because he wants the power and the press? What happens when he insults the chancellor of Germany, president of France, the prime minister of the U.K.? Is he going to treat Andrea Merkel as he does Hillary Clinton? Is he going to tell the President of France he sweats too much or has big ears?

If this election was a rational, logical, fact based election, all the power to the Republicans. If their candidate is chosen over a Democrat, fine. We’ve managed before in similar situations. It might not be what the Democrats and liberals would prefer, but our country would be “OK” in the long run.

But can America survive a Trump presidency? It frightens the majority of us. To every factual question he has been asked, Trump states he will surround himself with people who know. Which means he doesn’t know. Global warming? The Middle East situation? The U.K. possibly withdrawing from the EU? How to balance a budget without bankrupting the country? How to handle any military situation? It frightens the people who prefer to follow their heads over their emotions. And his followers are simply a herd mentality based solely on their gut reactions over what they believe is anti-establishment. It isn’t anti-establishment; it is stupidity, ignorance, racism and a super hero demagogue.

Pray for us, all of you in the rest of the world! Pray that people will begin to think and not react. Pray that intelligent, rational masses will not allow this to happen to America.


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