Starting a Sequel

If you have read The House on 4th Street I am asking for suggestions and ideas for a sequel. Several people have encouraged me to begin, and I’ve written about 50 pages. My style of writing is to just sit down and let it flow. I don’t do plotting of any kind until I’ve finished the first draft. I simply let the characters take me where they want to go. For me, writing is just that. I haven’t a clue what will appear on the computer screen as I type.

However, this time, I decided to ask for some suggestions of where you would like these characters to go from here. Karen Johnston has now found her biological father. Do they reconcile? How long does that take? Does she discover additional family secrets? Is Karen finally going to consider having a child. Should we find that she’s pregnant right away? She and Gary have had several years of conflict. Does that continue? Does this new-found reconciliation become a permanent one? How about her friend Denise? Does Vickey stay in the story? Does Karen return to Oklahoma or Missouri? Does she stay in touch with Hazel at the historical society museum?

I’m open to any and all ideas for this upcoming story. I’ll give you a peek at the opening pages. The Colorado winter has dragged on, and Karen and Gary decide to go to Puerto Vallarta over spring break. Denise and her husband, Ralph, join them for the week in paradise. Karen is growing weary of the classroom and is considering going into administration though it will entail close to two years of part-time course work. and…. then…. ??



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