A Surprise Trip

On January 1st I sat at my daughter’s house purportedly watching her cat, but really just vegging out in a different locale to get a perspective on the past year. I began writing down things I want to accomplish in 2019 as well as places I’d like to visit.

The list read: Dog – Cat – Neither (I’ve been wanting a pet lately), Write – what?, Move or stay in my current house – Tempe? Gilbert? Trilogy again?

And then: Savannah – Charleston – New Orleans – Sanibel Island.

I had a text from a writing buddy and friend who asked if I was in town, so when I got home that afternoon I phoned her. What’s up? I asked. Would you like to go to Sanibel Island next week? she replied. My mouth dropped open in disbelief. What? I asked her to repeat and she explained the situation. Fully paid for, sister had to cancel, do I want to go? I thought for a moment, not believing this was happening and I fudged just a little. Let me check airfares. What are your flight numbers? I rarely make decisions on the spot. Ask anyone who knows me. So I went to the Frontier website and found her flights; checked the price –$50.00 each way plus $60 for my bag round trip. What??

Now I haven’t been to church in ages which I feel guilty about – but that’s another story. But I have been having conversations about some personal issues in my life. The feeling wasn’t déjà vu, but it was intense. Someone or something out there had read my thoughts on that paper. Sanibel Island – out of the blue? My life works this way. It’s just that I forget so quickly that it does. The trip was lovely. The place was beautiful. I got to see other friends who winter in Florida which was a treat. And we collected more sea shells than I’ve ever seen in one place. I highly recommend the island and the cottages we stayed in. Here are a few photos from this wonderful surprise:


One last note — I’m waiting for someone to invite me to Savannah and Charleston!

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