Still at it ….

For those who wonder if I moved on, here’s an update.

I had to move my office into my craft room due to barking dogs on my block. Yes, even through closed doors and windows. I was going nuts and my neighbors didn’t seem to want to take care of the issue. Ah, life …

Photos of my walls covered in research and notes…

Getting ready for the March for Our Lives event this Saturday in downtown Phoenix. Being an educator and a mom, I want to support these young people. I admire them so much. My senior year we were protesting for black voter registration rights in the south. These young adults are our future. If you can join a march in your city, please do. It isn’t just about guns or gun control — it’s about creating a safe environment and a safe society for our children, especially at school.

Meanwhile, the book … Oh, my, writing is so hard! I’m trying to get a first draft to my editor by April 15. First draft definition for those of you who don’t know — actually 5th draft or 6th or 10th. It has to be the best I can make it because even then, she will literally tear this manuscript apart. Then I’ll cry for a week and then I”ll sit down and follow her instructions.

Right now, I have 78,000 words which means 312 pages. By the time Evelyn is finished, it may decrease by thousands. But she’s the best and maybe in another 6 months, we’ll be able to publish.

Have a great week!

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