New Year’s Resolutions & other wasted thoughts

I sat over coffee this morning thinking through my goals for next year. I refuse to call them resolutions. Resolve .. what does that even mean? We live in an era of personal best, end game, plot points, launch, pinnacle, and pay off.

A personal debate began to rage in my brain. Finish the novel. Can the novel. Contact editor. Cancel editor. Make the trip to England. Are you kidding, with your bad back? The house is too big. I love my house. ya da ya da ya da…

Thing is — life seems to happen if one stays in the present moment. How many years have I studied meditation and mindfulness, Christian prayer and Buddhist teachings? I plead the fifth on that question.

So instead I think I’ll head into nature today and let the answers come to me. It may be that this is the year for quiet and doing nothing. Not much of a goal I suppose, but perhaps it might be the best one I’ve made in a long time.

Happy New Year to each of you! May your goals and dreams take you to your pinnacle (just kidding). Enjoy each moment and bring happiness to others. Bonne année!

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