Here in Arizona we know that Mother Nature likes to tease us with Fall. But after three days in a row of low 70-degree mornings, my patio furniture begged me to release it from its summer covers so I gave in. I kept telling it – “We’ll have one more monsoon and you’ll be covered with inches of dust. We will see 105 again; you’re just asking for your lovely orange color to be bleached out by the heat.”

It didn’t want to listen. Or I didn’t want to listen. I want to pretend we are out of monsoon season and we will only have 90 degree temperatures until Halloween when it drops to 60. So I gave in. Spent one morning hosing it all down and yesterday morning folding the heavy canvas covers and putting them on a shelf in the garage.

Sitting outside this morning with my coffee, I felt a bit chilled and I loved it! Like the cushions that needed to see the light of day, I felt released from my self-imposed claustrophobic summer lifestyle. You know the one if you live here in the desert. Up before dawn, yard work finished by 6:00, errands completed by 11:00 at the latest, hibernating until the following sunrise.

I hope I didn’t tempt nature too much by doing this, but it does look so pretty outside without those ugly tan canvas apparitions staring at me like ghosts through opened window blinds. The lively colors now brighten both my outdoor area and my spirit and I will enjoy any cool morning we are given from now on. And, yes, I know deep down that we aren’t finished with summer – just yet, but it gives me hope.



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