Oregon Fires and D.A.C.A.



sunshine through the falls above.


So glad I was able to enjoy the beauty of the Gorge and Multnomah Falls last month in Oregon.  It was rather sad notifying my friends in Paris and Brussels of the wild fires threatening the Lodge and the Columbia River area. We were fortunate to be able to make the trip when we did. I am anxious to see photos once they get it contained.

All summer as I traveled I was surprised at the unusual hot temperatures all across the west coast and even in Minnesota and now to see the devastation in TX and potential damage to FL is shocking. At times I wonder if God is just really thoroughly disgusted with us on so many levels and giving us some strong warnings to treat the planet and our fellow humans the way we were supposed to.

The final straw for me this week was the possibility of seeing thousands of young people threatened with deportation. I was asked why schools didn’t require birth certificates and proper documentation when enrolling students. My answer was probably too simplistic: “because they are children and they need an education.”

The next question was why they don’t just become citizens. I have, on this very blog, provided web sites that clearly explain there is no path to citizenship. If these young people have to leave the U.S. for ten years and then reapply, what will happen to them between now and then? Where will they go?

It seems that politicians and even many of us fail to see past the end of our noses. It’s so easy to say deport them. Deport them to which country? Deport them just past the Mexico border? Deport them to families that for most do not exist? What are they to do if they arrive in Columbia or Mexico or Puerto Rico and speak only English? My only hope is that those in charge will begin to actually think beyond popular phrases like “build a wall”, “round them up”, “take back our country.” Clichés that help no one.

I know I have many friends who disagree. I am simply speaking from my experience and my heart. After all, it is my blog.   🙂  Food for thought…

Web sites:

Eagle Creek fire rages in Columbia gorge, threatens Multnomah Falls Lodge


US immigration: DACA and Dreamers explained



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