Blast from the Past

book photoWhat is the old saying? Nothing new under the sun. I was in Cost Plus World Market yesterday and as I turned the corner from wall décor to cards and gifts, I spotted a circular stand of children’s books. I felt like I’d been tossed back to the 1950’s. In my garage are battered and torn versions of the same books. It brought back a wave of nostalgia and I thought about purchasing one or two until I noticed that my ten cent cardboard covered books were priced at $5.99.

So I just stood and opened the pages of several of my favorites. Luckily, not a word has been changed. The pictures are the same as are the covers. Nurse Nancy was always one of my favorites. Bambi, Scuffy the tugboat, The Little Red Hen and many others lined the display.

I did take note that the same publisher has re-released them, but I couldn’t help but wonder if these were for people over 65 or their grandkids? It pleased me either way. A nice reminder of a simpler time and place. I may have to go back and buy Nurse Nancy as I think she got lost along the way.

Check them out if you have a store near you. Always fun to remember good times …..

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