Sunday Book Buyers….

Please check out Lynne Harke’s recently published nonfiction book, Under a Desert Sky. Lynne’s use of nature, particularly the Sonoran desert, describes beautifully her struggle with cancer and loss. Although written from a Christian perspective, Lynne’s lyrical expressions of the feelings we all face during hard times, can speak to anyone. Within 18 months, Lynne faced her own diagnosis of breast cancer and then very quickly the diagnosis and death of both her parents. Available on Amazon, Nook, Barnes & Noble, and many Christian bookstores. Please buy a copy for yourself, a friend, or your church library. It is an absolutely beautifully written book full of heart-breaking sadness, fear and struggle but in the end a renewal of faith and hope. A lovely tribute to her mom and dad and a helpful book for us all.

While you’re shopping books, don’t forget that all three of my novels are on sale through next week. 99 cents for e books; $5.99-7.25 for paperbacks. Only on Amazon.

And for those who have been reading my books, don’t forget to take a moment and write a review on my Amazon author page. Be totally honest. It gives Amazon feedback as well as me — I use them for future writing to improve and change!  Thanks so much!


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