We’ll Find a Way

So the answer is — yes, this is a sequel to The House on 4th Street. We pick up with Karen, our protagonist, seven months after the events in July. (no spoilers). It’s been a miserable winter back in Denver and Gary, her husband, surprises her with a trip to Puerto Vallarta in March. Denise, Karen’s best friend, and her husband, Ralph, join them. The week in Mexico is heavenly — lots of cerveza, lots of margaritas, lots of dancing — all of that results in some fun romps.

This book has only two historic sections. I know many readers disliked the numerous stories in The House… and I listened. The Tulsa race riots in the area of town called the Negro Wall Street were fascinating to research, and Edmond during the dust bowl days and the depression provides the reader interesting information as well as strong female characters. The presence of the KKK in Oklahoma during those years shocked me. The two stories are woven within the present day story this time and Karen learns from each.

Will there be a baby in Karen’s future? Is she changing careers? Will her father’s visit during the month of July turn out to be a disaster or a chance for them to draw closer? Does Karen return to Edmond? This book has twists and turns throughout, holding the reader’s attention until the very last page.

My editor says it is a strong stand-alone novel and does not require reading The House …. I hope that is true and I hope that you will recommend We’ll Find a Way to friends. Thanks again for all your support.

Enjoy!!  Connie

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