Finally working on edits!

After reading my editors’ notes over two weeks ago, I posted them on the wall, rewrote major suggestions on very large art paper and taped them there as well. Then birthdays hit and Thanksgiving and a visit from my sis and brother-in-law which was great fun! A trip to beautiful Sedona where we hiked and photographed and ate and hiked some more. Then the tile guys arrived to demo my bathroom and put in tile. The counter tops were installed, and now I’ve cleaned off dust for a week.

No more excuses, no more procrastination, no more avoidance. It is time to – as we writers all say – time to put the butt in the chair. (BIC) Here we go . . .

Thank God for great editors and Evelyn is the best! She is so detailed, so critical, so excellent at what will make a good story better. Time to hunker down and do what she’s asked.  Christmas can wait!

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