Who Knew??

I’ve been neglecting this blog page as I dig through mounds of research on Oklahoma in the 1930’s for my sequel to The House on 4th Street. I’ve lived on the computer – googling away diligently – and watched dozens of videos and what I found is fascinating. I get so caught up in researching, I sort of forget to write… Ha  I came across these the other day -newspaper headlines in Oklahoma. I had no idea!

Here’s a sampling:

“Mexican Arrested here for selling Marihuana Plants” – Sept. 9, 1929 (Tulsa Tribune)

“Silly Weed Price Jumps to High Mark” – March 7, 1930  (Daily Oklahoman)

“State Law Will Be Sought To Stop Sales of Marijuana” –Peddlers Around High Schools and Dance Halls Menace to City Youth,” Huston says. – Sept 25, 1932 (Daily Oklahoman)

“Marijuana smokers sought at Kansas U.”- March 8, 1932 – (Miami, OK)

“Narcotic Officers Make Two Arrests” – April 30, 1937 (Daily Oklahoman)

Apparently in the 1920’s, 30’s and early ’40’s, Marijuana use was rampant. And here we thought we had a new issue about legalizing pot. There really is nothing new under the sun. Try reading some political headlines from those eras if you want further proof!!

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