When Is Adult Children’s Day?


If you Google Children’s Day, it will tell you that George W. Bush declared a Children’s Day and that is now celebrated on the second Sunday in June. One site mentions a Kid’s Day. However, these days are to encourage parents and society to help raise our children well. But I think we need a national holiday to honor Adult Children! And here is why …

I never thought about needing my kids as I grew older. I was the chief cook and bottle washer, the full-time working single mother. I kissed the boo-boos, raced to the E.R., nursed and protected and supported. I was the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa Clause. I was the tutor, the editor and the enforcer of home work. Shoe laces, buttons, zippers – I watched with pride as they accomplished these necessary skills. Dance, gymnastics, t ball, soccer, tennis, ice skating, skate boarding filled my days. For 23 years I nourished and loved and supported and dried tears and apologized for yelling, and felt guilty that I hadn’t done more. (this still happens on occasion!)

Gradually things began to change – so gradually, I didn’t notice. Computers and technology required their explanations and instruction. GPS, Nav, Blue tooth, USB ports and fancy stereos and smart TV’s required their expertise. Arthritis required help with things I’d always done. My aging body lost the assuredness I’d always had about climbing tall ladders, reaching high to put up Christmas lights around the roofline, lifting and moving and hauling … heavy bags of soil or sand or salt for the water softener. I try to shorten the lists. I try to do it myself at least three times before I give in and text for help.

But each year it seems there are a few more things I rely on them to do for me. I assembled two faux rattan chairs out of four, a loveseat and table for the patio. Two out of four isn’t bad. I sat on the ground and bent my old bones to plant my flower gardens. I can still change light bulbs and AC ceiling filters.

But every week or two I’m on the phone to ask for help, and they are always there. Always eager to come over and complete my running list of household tasks. Always kind when they walk me through the steps needed for the TV to work. Always happy to meet me for lunch or a movie or just a drop-in visit at their houses.

Each day is Mother’s Day for me so celebrating just one day seems rather silly, actually. Yes, I need to create an Adult Kids’ Day to celebrate them. To tell them thank you for everything they do for me.

I refuse to think about how much I will rely on them between 70 and 80 or 90. I hope and pray it doesn’t get any worse than it already is – but we never know what’s ahead.

But for now – I thank God and my lucky stars for the best two adult children on the planet!

I could not love them more!


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