Super Bowl Mania

I sort of quit caring when the AZ Cardinals lost their last game. It took the sails out of the kites of the Phoenix fans. But hey, doesn’t everyone want to see Peyton end his career with a Super Bowl ring?

Everyone is planning a party – just to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event, if nothing else. I’ll probably watch the commercials.

My time these past two weeks has been taken up with preparations for the Tucson Festival of Books in March and my trip to Oklahoma for my visit with Best of Books in Edmond. I’m spending more money than I will probably make, but hey, as I tell my kids, it’s exposure!?

Meanwhile, my second novel went on sale in December as a $2.99 e book and I’ve finally decided to promote it even though it’s under a pseudonym. So I won’t even bother with lying and saying a friend of mine has published! Why use a pen name if I’m going to tell, right? Am rethinking that decision, but I digress — Timing’s Everything by Catherine Peterson. A romance novel with Oxford, England as back-drop. There—I said it….

I currently have 50 pages written on my sequel to The House on 4th Street. First drafts, so they don’t count for much yet, but it’s a start. Friends kept pushing me to write a sequel so I caved. No idea where this novel will “go”, no plot in mind, but currently Karen and Denise are in Puerto Vallarta with their husbands, Gary and Ralph. Thought I’d throw out a teaser.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day approaches. I did two Valentine wood crafts that turned out really cute. A plug for The Wood Connection…  I’ll spend Feb. 13 at high tea with a group of women friends and perhaps buy myself a chocolate heart and a rose. Being single sucks on Feb. 14th.

I need to dredge up a blog I wrote a few years back about Valentine’s Day and post it I guess.

That’s it for now, readers. I promise a true post this weekend!

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