What year was the word “multi-tasking” added to the Oxford English Dictionary?

I want to Google that.

When did Google become a verb?

I want to Google that, as well.

I read an article recently that discredits the entire idea of multi-tasking. It claimed that the human brain was not created to multi-task, and by forcing ourselves to believe in this myth, we are stressing ourselves out.

I want to believe that because it would explain my memory issues and distractibility. It would explain why I can’t find the hotel reservation I made in early November. It would explain why I can’t remember the name of the hotel or the booking company I used. It would explain why I continually return to my calendar to make certain I’ve written down the date of my annual physical, my dental cleaning and my hair appointment. It would explain why I have to get a clerk to find almost any item in the store for me these days since I’m looking for wine-out, not wine-away and trying not to forget refrigerated pie crusts for my quiche at the same time I’m trying to remember which red wine my daughter told me to get last night at dinner.

The fact that cat litter now comes in two dozen brands (at least), single cat, multiple cat, clumping, non-clumping, scented, unscented, clay, cedar, wheat….I could write a full page on choices but that will be a different blog.

I digress. I got distracted. Where was I?

Ah, yes, – multi-tasking.

Right now I’m trying to remember what time the movie is playing this afternoon. Was yesterday J’s birthday? Did I tell my friend high tea was booked? Did I check that Pier 1 took off that late fee? Did I change the sheets on Sun. or Tues.? Do I need to turn on the irrigation system or is it going to rain? Did I return the call from the pest control company? Do I need to call my neighbor about that issue again today? This is about one-fourth of my list.

I was a single mom for 10-15 years when the kids were small; worked full-time at a busy and highly detailed job, but I always remembered grocery items, meal plans for the week, immunizations, school plays, and banking. I thought I was great at multi-tasking!

Once I retired – all the structure went out the window. But the world also boomed and expanded and moved at warp speed in those years too.

So which is it? I ask myself. Memory malfunction? Too many choices? A.D.D.? Age?

Maybe I’m not intended to handle so much at once. I believe the article said to stay in the moment at all times. Where is that article? I thought I tore it out of the magazine though I can’t remember which one it was in now!

Travelocity – I’m sure it was Travelocity!

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