For three days, my website was out in cyber space. Every tech person I spoke to could “see it”, including my son. Rather like a distant star we couldn’t reach.

But, as you can see, I am now inhabiting the new star – website – with much work to be done. (and probably a lot to learn – are you as tired as I am of “learning” these days?)

If anyone out there has had a good experience communicating with Google, please post on this site! I’d love to hear that someone has been able to wind their way through the maze without always reaching the very first page once again. Who didn’t get a domain specialist who says she has to refer you elsewhere. Or was able to actually speak to a real person.

Enough complaining. Welcome to my new website, and I hope to make good use of the space this year.

The sun is shining again here in the Phoenix area. We’ve had so much rain, my yard is floating away, but as my friend Lynne reminded me in her blog, it will bring a gorgeous display of wildflowers very soon. I can’t wait!

Please turn to my ‘novel’ page for updates. I will also be posting some new short stories occasionally. And of course will update photos with life events. So again, thank you for landing on star Wesala and please visit often.




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