Less than two weeks…

Less than two weeks till Christmas. I’m just about there. How about you? I only put up my small tree this year – in the room we call the library. The big one just seemed like too much work. I decorated the rest of the house instead.

I’ve been living in my craft room for the past few weeks finishing up Christmas gifts for friends. Those are looking great! I told my adult kids — no sweets this year, but I know I will give in. In fact, I ordered some new cookie cutters just the other day. I’ll be making pumpkin bars and what we call puppy chow for their friends. But I made a promise to myself — every bite leaves this house.

My front yard looks festive with my new blow up Christmas Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. I couldn’t find one last year. They sold out so early. So in October, I found him on Amazon.

Gifts are purchased, and yesterday I wrapped most of them. So I’m on top of things this year. I’m going to church each week which is not a permanent pattern for me, I’m afraid. But it helps especially after all the hatred in every aspect of our world. It’s nice to find some words of peace.

The highlight of this past week was not Christmas related though. My second book went on Amazon. I used a pseudonym this time and kept it a fairly simple love story that takes place in Oxford, England. I hope readers enjoy a walk through Oxfordshire with me. Pricing is quite low this time, just to see if I can get some readership going.

The House on 4th Street continues to sell – slow and steady – mostly slow… But two books under my belt at my age is an accomplishment I give myself permission to enjoy with pride.

Watch for small pleasures this week; give instead of receiving; pass a free meal along to someone behind you in line at the fast food restaurant; wait patiently while someone older or slower crosses your path; smile at the next five people you encounter. And pray. Pray for peace in the world.

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