$5.00 for a loaf bread – no thanks!

I noticed it last summer — the price of food creeping up weekly. Every aisle of the grocery store displayed the rising costs. I started shopping the weekly ads more closely. I began to purchase fresh vegetables at our local farmers markets and Sprouts. I planted a winter garden and then one for summer. I could still find inexpensive milk and meat if I watched the sales. But for some reason, bread became the thorn in my side!

I hate to admit that I remember two loaves for a dollar, but I do. I didn’t mind when it hit $2.50 a loaf; bucked up and paid $3.00 as long as it was 9 grain or something good for my body. But somewhere during the past six months, it got more expensive by the week. When it hit $5.00 a loaf I said “enough.”

I started baking my own. I will admit a secret — I buy the Rhodes frozen. Don’t tell my son as I’m sure it is not GMO free, but I don’t have a bread maker. Three loaves in a bag! You can’t beat it. I know it isn’t 9 grain — it’s white bread. But as I watch the dough rise, it brings back earlier days. And the smell of baking bread is incomparable. I always have to slice an end while it’s still cooling on the rack and smear butter on it while it’s warm. Heaven. It slices easily as I have a good bread knife so I can cut it thin enough for sandwiches. I pat myself on the back each time I pull a loaf out of the oven. Now if I could just have chickens and a cow in the back yard, I’d be a happy camper.
Here is last night’s results:

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