I don’t know about you but in Arizona it feels and sounds and smells like spring. I’ve been exceptionally tired this past week, very distracted, and pretty unmotivated.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I have spring fever.
I remember those days in high school and college when you just sort of shut down and sat in the new grass and watched the clouds roll past or fell in love or sat in the dorm room window sill and watched for his red convertible pull into the parking spot below. Or let your B+ grade in biology drop to a C right before final exams. Or walked a mile or more for a chili frito pie.

Nothing held your attention for long. The trees were leafed out, the dandelions took over the yard, roses bloomed and cannas and iris and sunflowers. All you wanted to do was sleep and nap and daydream – dreams of a future free from the pressures of school, the worries about paying sorority dues and tuition, the loneliness of being single – all those things we still need spring to avoid.

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