Don’t Ever Lose Your Domain Name

I just Googled my name and have never been so excited to see it!  Usually it’s on a bill or bank statement that I’d like to avoid.
I accidentally let my domain name expire on April 25. Starting on the 27th, I began the daunting task of getting it back. I am not exaggerating when I say I spent about 4 hours each day for over a week attempting this process.
First off, you need to know that there are no real people at Google! Well, they may be breathing human beings, but they are not accessible via phone. And they love forms and articles, and directions only someone under forty could possibly understand.
Remember when we adults taught things to children? We guided them step by step—from how to tie your shoes to how to drive a car. Life has been reversed.
I immediately search for someone under 40 if my question is about technology of any kind. Cell phone, computer, DVR, etc. But they aren’t as kind as I was when I was teaching my kids. They just simply “don’t get” that you “don’t get it.”
I was sent on many goose chases including being asked to call my credit card company with an authorization code showing my payment had been made, when it was obvious from a review of my statement that it had not processed. I told the young man I would simply pay a second time – just please take my money and give me back my website and blog. Oh, no, his department could see my payment, but they couldn’t “take” a payment.
Many times I was told to get into my admin console. Each time I tried, I was directed to add another account. I have now learned all about blogger admin, Google admin, my domain admin, Google apps, Enom, Google wallet, etc. I know all of these exist – I can’t begin to tell you what any of them mean or how they are connected to each other. At one point Enom (who manages my domain) told me they couldn’t renew without Google paying them. But no one at Google could help me pay for it.
I had very pleasant and kind emails from each of the support guys; I don’t mean to bad mouth Google. But telling me to do this and this and this after I gain access to my admin console started to get very old about day 3. By day 10, I was ready to reach through the computer screen and strangle someone.
This morning I hired a young man (a friend of a friend’s son – probably 25).  I begged him, “Please Felix, please help me get back my website and blog!” He would try. Within twenty minutes, he sent me an email with very concrete directions. Type this – then this—then this…”  Within another half hour I received an email from Google – Hooray – you are now part of the Google family! I had been reinstated. And sure enough, there I am by golly.  Back on-line: and my third life right there in front of me. Felix said not to pay him anything. I’ll get him a gift card in the mail this evening.

Lesson learned!! Don’t ever let your domain name expire, whatever you do!!

1 thought on “Don’t Ever Lose Your Domain Name

  1. Lynne Hartke


    I had the same problem last year, except my credit card was stolen in Peru that I had set up to automatically pay for my blog. I needed to put a different card on my account, but could I figure out how to do that. No. I just wanted to pay them!!! Had the same run-around until finally some poor kid in Canada helped walk me through it.



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