The Three Months of Christmas

For weeks I’ve looked in the mirror and groaned! How did this happen? Again? I joined Jenny Craig about five years ago and kept the weight off for years. Now—I can’t button my jeans. This morning I heard Matt Lauer interview Kirstie Alley on the Today Show. I seldom turn on daytime TV but I had left it on after checking the weather.
And there it was: Kirstie explained it perfectly. The two things that trigger her weight gain are “man problems” and the fact that she has a skewed perception of holidays. I laughed. Two years ago a relationship ended, and within the past two years I have gained between five and ten pounds (depending on the day or week.)
But what I really related to was the second part. Kirstie said that for her Christmas now lasts from Halloween to Valentine’s Day.  I applauded!  Me, too!  We can blame the mass media and Hallmark and Hershey’s and every one else who adds to this delusion. Halloween candy morphs into Thanksgiving pies and then into Christmas goodies of every shape and size and texture: candy, cakes, cookies, breads, fudge—and then, on December 31st Valentine cards and candy appear on the shelves of every retailer. That lasts for six weeks before Easter M&M’s & Peeps appear, and we wonder why Americans are fat??
Of course will power (or the lack thereof), fast food, soda, and overall unhealthy eating contributes but . . .
I had to agree with Kirstie. My view of the Christmas holiday has become the same. How could it not? In early October Christmas sales begin. The decorations are out in all the stores. Retailers are harping at us to buy. So why wouldn’t our sugar cravings kick in at the same time? Makes sense.
We all splurge at holidays. It’s ok to indulge at Christmas, right? Once a year? Come on… But three months has become the new norm and three months of over-eating, of living on sweets? Yeah, five to ten pounds easily. In fact, I wonder that it isn’t more.
Ok, let’s put this in perspective. Let’s remember this. Write it down. Put it on the refrigerator door. Kirstie nailed it!
Put on blinders, avoid the center aisles of all stores from October to Easter! Christmas is from mid-December to December 26th!

Men?? Well, what can I say? Kirstie said it best: “Men, behave! You’re making your women fat!!

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