American Gluttony and the Super Bowl

 Ah, the great American past-time is over for six months. With pre-season starting in August, that’s almost a stretch. Nothing says America gluttony like the Super Bowl each January. More parties and entertainment, more tv ads, more food, more beer; and more televisions sold than any other weekend of the year.
I was in Costco on Saturday (don’t ask me why – I never shop Costco on a Saturday) and during my thirty minute visit, just walking in and walking back out I saw at least eight 70” televisions hauled on large dollies out to the awaiting trucks and cars. If they sold eight in a half hour, I wonder how many they sold that day.
But it fits our national mentality – the bigger the better. You must have a new television to watch the biggest football game of the year, right? I shook my head in amazement. Even for south-east Gilbert, it seemed excessive. Is it just me? I’m as bad as anyone. I watch college football on Saturdays and pro on Sundays.

I felt sorry for those people the next evening though. I wondered if they were glad they could see Payton Manning’s frustrated face as big as life. Personally I was glad I only had to watch him and feel for him on my lowly 52” screen. It was the worst football game of the year, but we’ll all be back again next year. American gluttony along with it.


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