Life’s Warning Labels

first posted 10/2012
Today I thought I’d share with you a quote from a book I revisited this weekend.
The book title:  The way of transition  (embracing life’s most difficult moments)
“Whatever it is that you intend to achieve by whatever you do isn’t likely to be the thing you actually accomplish by doing it.
The attraction is just the window dressing. The bargain specials which do not (it turns out) come in your size.
It’s the bone the burglar gives your watch –dog as he robs you blind.
The actual result – lesson – pay off – is discovered only over time, and often in ways that you could not have known in advance.
If our lives were pharmaceuticals, they’d require warning labels.”
By William Bridges, author of Transitions.
A warning label for our lives – in retrospect it is so easy to see what they might have looked like in large bold 24 font text. And yet, I am thankful they were written in invisible ink.
For without a marriage there would be no precious children; without a lover there would be no memories of love; without a few disastrous jobs there would be no retirement; without the bad and the ugly, there would be no good.

If everything were white, there would be no contrast. Life requires black to give balance, shadow, and reflection. So today I will relish the black times and say a prayer of thanks. For without them, my life would be like a blank page of paper waiting for something to be written. 

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