originally published Gila River Review 2011

     Happiness is Yellow
When I see a gerbera daisy,
I think of my daughter
and Mother’s Day
yellow as the sun
sent to me
with love.
When I see a gerbera daisy
I think of dandelions
growing in the front yard
made into woven bracelets
a gift for my mother
on Mother’s Day.
When I see a dandelion
I think of sunny childhood days-
innocence and playfulness and joy,
bikes, and marbles and jacks,
cloud-watching, kite-flying
and the towering elm trees.
When I see sunny days
I think of my own children-
forts, tree houses, and laughter
Strawberry Shortcake and Darth Vader,
Christmas trees and Halloween costumes,
bedtime stories, wet kisses and warm hugs.
When I drive in the countryside
I see the large yellow sunflowers
nodding their heads in the breeze,
their brown fuzzy tummies holding them erect.
I think of hillsides in Italy,
miles of yellow sunflowers
bringing a smile to my soul.
I see them lifting their heads to the sun
in the Tuscan hills and valleys
where I yearn to live in fields of yellow.

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