Serves Me Right
            I have done nothing but complain for weeks now about retailers rushing Christmas. About not being able to enjoy Thanksgiving for all the hoop-la, about stores opening at midnight instead of 6:00 a.m. I’ve talked about the American need for gluttony – gluttony for more and more “stuff” that none of us needs. I wanted to boycott Black Friday – have everyone just stay home and refuse to form lines, to press elbow to elbow through aisles crammed with merchandise, to push and shove for 8 am-1 pm sales items. Ludicrous, ridiculous! I opened Thursday’s paper to find one inch of news and 10 inches of sales flyers. I fought off the urge to burn the whole mess. I peeked at a few of my favorite store ads and concluded I had no need to shop this entire weekend. No need at all! In fact, I’d not leave the house. I’d clean – decorate – read – anything but give in to this scam. Get you in the store with “come-ons” and sell you things you don’t need or want.
And then… later last night when the house was quiet and dark; I swear it was a sugar-induced coma following the feast of food I had consumed; I re-looked at Office Max, Best Buy and Staples. I had drowned my digital camera a month ago (don’t ask) so  I did need one, after all. I had admired my daughters’ on our recent trip – tiny, light, great pics. And there it was in all three ads. A $200.00 camera with case and memory card – $79.00. Wow—-hmmm—no. It’s the season to buy for others, not myself!
A good night’s sleep – up at 6:00 am – coffee, the paper, and the now star- marked camera ads staring at me. I’d research them on the computer – decide on what I wanted. And at 7:25, I combed my hair, threw on jeans – no make-up – no time – they’d be sold out. They opened at 6 am – it’s nearly 7:30. I found myself creeping up to 48 mph in the 45 zone; found myself mentally nudging people out of my way. As I parked I watched customers leaving and looked at their bags. Did they get the last one? I power walked past three people on their way to the curb. I raced through the automatic double doors and saw four young clerks in the center of the store. They smiled as I approached – of course they did – I’m a customer. “Do you still have any………” I sputtered and followed the young man to the camera section where he pulled from his small stack – the very one I Wanted – Needed – Had to Have!
Now here’s where “serves me right” comes in. As I stopped at a red light on my way home with a big “I won – gotcha” smile on my face, a young woman next to me motioned for me to roll down my window. I was suspicious – she wanted my camera – the very last on in the world! I smiled and she pointed– “your right rear tire is almost flat – really flat.”
            Serves me right!

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  1. Lynne Hartke

    Connie – I had these same converstations with myself and was shopping at two stores that morning – got out the door about 7 a.m. I have a mix of being happy with my purchases and being disgusted that I bought into the marketing.



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