Writing is such hard work I tell them
Friends don’t often understand
Other artists “get it” for they live it
They know the difficult process of creating.
I liken it to baking for some friends
You want to bake a chocolate cake
But find in the pantry no sugar or flour
In the fridge no butter and no eggs.
For my friends who sew or knit or cross stitch
I tell them to get out their yarn
Then tell them their needles are missing
Or their fabric background or their pattern gone.
For friends who do neither but work at outside jobs
I tell them to get up in the morning
And find their closet empty, their make-up gone
Every pair of hose has runs; the car is out of gas.
That’s how I feel each morning
Facing a blank blue computer screen
Or my empty lined notebook pages
And a brain null and void of any original thought.
Or I walk into the bathroom that needs cleaning
The messy kitchen countertop and sink
The news on CNN is too disturbing
The buzzer on the dryer screeching to be emptied.

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