Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I told my son recently that I have a theory that the world truly is on warp speed; we humans just haven’t figured it out yet. He argued the concepts of day and night, time, etc. But time was created by mortals. At one time, day and night simply slid quietly into each other; there was no calendar that marked the days, weeks, months or years. But who is to say that the same twenty-four hours isn’t rotating faster than it used to.
Yeah, yeah, I know– the scientists, the axis rotation, all that stuff. Surely someone would have noticed, right? I’m not certain about that. I am convinced that what used to be a month is now a year, what used to be a day is now a week. I need it to slow down.
I’ve been tempted to test my theory by going to some remote place with no cell phones, computers, or other technology; no traffic, no freeways; a quiet reclusive place populated with only a few other souls and a few good books. I’d like to stay a month to see if it once again felt like an actual month.
Today is the final day of 2010; it was 2009 a month ago, I swear. I don’t know about you, but I’m making myself a challenge this year to slow down time. If our world is truly turning at the same speed it was when I was ten; I’m going back to being ten…… or at the least, I am going to turn off the tv, cell phone, and computer. I am going to find quiet places, talk to special friends more often, take more walks in nature, smell my cup of coffee before I begin to sip it each morning, sit for hours on my front porch watching ants and pray that it will not be 2012 next month…….
Love to you all and a peaceful and healthy and happy New Year!

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