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Where Have I Been?

I guess that question is for any readers to ask. I have a couple of answers. My two months in MN this summer were fantastic. All of August and September out of the AZ heat was a dream. Love the city of Rochester, my friends there, the senior center, the theater, the library, the big town/small city atmosphere. It’s just wonderful each year.

During that time, I contracted bronchitis. Having never had this, I assumed I’d be treated and well in a week. Now – almost six weeks later – I’m still struggling with coughing and wheezing. It’s improving gradually, but I had no idea!

Also during the past two months, I’ve had a family situation that has required a great deal of attention. It’s been an emotional roller coaster that I’m still riding, but with lots of love and care, it will get resolved.

So– that’s why I haven’t posted in so long.

Meanwhile — good news!  The paperback version of A Far Away Star is now for sale on Amazon. The digital version went live back in August and is selling well. I hope you’ll read the excerpt supplied on Amazon and continue what I believe is a “good read.”

Thanks to all friends and readers and family for your continued support! See you soon.

Friends of 50 years

It’s rare these days to have friends you met back in your 20’s, but I’m fortunate enough to have that good luck. We’ve worked hard on maintaining these friendships. Each year we plan a trip for the 4 of us. This year, we’re missing one, but I’m in MN for two months and have been having a ball with two of my favorite people. We’ve taken day trips, eaten at every restaurant in town, celebrated the end of radiation for one of us, gone to movies, wineries, theater productions and art festivals. Below is a collage of some memories from the trip, so far. Lots more to come. Hope your summer has been as great as mine!


Give-Away – A Far Away Star

On Monday, August 12, I will be giving away my new novel, A Far Away Star, for one day only. One request – please please write a review on Amazon, Book Bub, or your favorite place to buy and review books. Also, please post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Launching a new book as an Indie author is not easy. I appreciate all the support and help you give me. This book is about the power of friendship and I want to thank all of you who provide that on a daily basis!

Pass this along………………..

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A Far Away Star

Looking for readers!  My latest novel is on Amazon as an ebook. Right now it’s available for $4.99 but the price will go up next week. Paperback out soon.

Here is a link to help you find it and to leave a review.  Thanks to you all!

Mother’s Day 2019

My son and daughter will be over shortly, bearing gifts and cards and ingredients for brunch and peach Bellini’s (my fave). There’s a project planned – new soft close drawers for my kitchen created with an aftermarket part. We all know that this one hour project will most definitely take all day. Ha That’s the fun of it, right?

This day may be for me, but I’m the lucky one. I should be buying the gifts and cards and champagne. I am the lucky one. Many of my friends have kids living in Europe or the east coast. Mine are 20-30 minutes away, they are here often, and they do so much for me. If it requires a ladder, a dangerous tool, heck – even a screwdriver these days, they’re on top of it. And for that, I am so grateful.

If you’re a mom, I hope your day is full of roses or chocolate. I hope you get phone calls and cards or emails and texts and that you feel their love deeply. We may have given them birth, but they’re the ones who are till the end. Happy Mother’s Day!


Notre Dame

It is with a heavy heart that I sit here going through photographs, reliving memories, almost hearing the chime on a Sunday morning as I ate a lovely breakfast at a sidewalk cafe directly across the Seine. I videotaped it so I could remember the sound. I’m so glad I did. Notre Dame, as they keep saying on CNN, is much more than a building. More than a church. It is unbelievably stunning in architecture, its spire rising high, its Rose window gleaming, the flying buttresses giving it strength and dimension. I have walked along the banks of the Seine past Notre Dame dozens of times in my three visits to Paris. It’s simply “there” – and we thought – always would be. It was such an iconic place, one began to take it for granted and although I enjoyed the exterior beauty during my last visit, I hate to admit I can’t recall going back inside. Shame on me for taking it for granted that it would simply be there when I returned. Like so many things in life, we simply expect they will be there when we return. And yet, perhaps not …

We await word of the damage in daylight. Once the flames are doused; once they can get into the nave, we will know if it can ever be repaired. It was devastating watching the spire fall; horrible to see the steel scaffolding instead of the beautiful wood facade and roof. It will never be the same. It may be rebuilt and in twenty years if my children return, perhaps they will find a grand structure similar to the one destroyed today. But it will never be the same.

My first visit was with my son, the second with my daughter, and my third alone in an apartment for three wonderful weeks of walking the Seine day and night. I’m going to post a poem I wrote during that first visit and some photos we took while there.


      Notre Dame
I felt God wrap me in layers of peace
His presence clung to my soul.
Tears of what? – joy, sadness, love –
Clung to wet lashes, refusing to fall.
The Gothic arched nave, inches from heaven
Called me to its heights of marble glory.
The stories are told in stained glass windows
Their beauty unmatched on earth.
Rose windows absorb the light
Stone floors worn smooth by thousands.
Wood pews gleam with the oil of centuries
Faint incense fills my senses.
Mary holds Jesus in the pieta.
A marble scene carved over the ages.
A mother’s grief and anguish
A son’s death for each of us.
The immensity of the cathedral
Is far from stark or cold
For God fills the air with warmth.
And the hushed silence of the visitors
Allows me to be alone
In the healing of spirit
In the quiet of music
In the air fraught with substance.
God makes Himself fully known.
The beauty of Notre Dame
Stands starkly against blue skies.
Daring us to disbelieve.
Asking us to simply trust.
I stand in awe and quiet
I feel a presence clearly
I ask for faith and release.
Published in The Gila River Review – 2011




Though the sign is actually promoting coffee, it had a special meaning for me this morning. Cancer (NOT ME!) – damned Big C – my 5th friend – this time a recurrence – now metastasized through her body – eating her from the inside out. Two adorable three-year-old grandsons and only in her 60’s.

I want to scream with rage, but the weeping won’t allow me that luxury yet. I race through the stages of grief as fast as the Star Was ride at Disneyland – spinning into anger – sadness – denial – acceptance – and back to anger. Rolling through emotions, unable to settle on one. And, really, who can? One emotion is no better than another at this stage. I only found out last night.

I think back and count the years. 33. Not the kind of friend who meets for coffee weekly or calls often. Not the kind who does monthly lunches even. But every few months – a lunch, a symphony, a party, and yet –

The one I called when my divorce turned ugly; when my teen daughter started using; when a relationship was destroying me. A listener, a hugger, a therapist, a funny, honest, direct and loving friend. Yes – that kind.

Grief spreads beyond her situation to wasted moments, months, years in my own life. Passes by my advancing age and the few good years left; passes by the faces of my children, my friends – neighbors; passes by my lack of direction, my reason to get up each day, my unfinished novel, my blog put aside for months.

She stands with me (or I with her) as we look into the same mirror – the mirror of future, of lost possibilities, of death.

I dissolve into sadness and sit with it ….